Which side of fortune are you on?

Unlike most other purveyors of fortune, I’m not mentally unstable. That, and also, I don’t attempt promises that can never materialize. In other words, I don’t tell fortune. I study the stars and warn people of the mishaps they may stumble upon so that they might laugh at another poor soul who forgot to check his or her misfortune or make sure they won’ t be laughed at.

I have a simple outlook on the subject of misfortune: There is always a “brighter side.” Doesn’t mean feeling bad for yourself or anything else you do is at all wrong. But I think that isn’t all you should be doing. The trick is to look beyond the current blow and plan accordingly, much like a sports team. If every sports team wailed and bailed at the first setback or defeat, there wouldn’t be any popular sports. There are some sports teams who don’t win anything year after year and they shamelessly keep at it.

So why feel sorry for a situation at all? Sympathy, empathy etc. are all great, but they wouldn’t help your situation any and will probably make you feel even sorrier for yourself. I think feeling sorry for yourself or your misfortune just leads to more despondency.

Instead, why not think, “okay, now that I’ve suffered this setback, how can I plan around it and get back on track?” Probably won’t work if the situation is grave enough, but the positivity in your outlook will always stick and always make you feel better.

But maybe I’ve just been lucky to have been fortunate enough to have the easier to deal with misfortunes. What do you think? Which side of fortune (or rather, misfortune) are you on? How do you deal with misfortune, big or small?

Also, if you were looking for today’s misfortune, you’ve just suffered through it.

  1. I have enjoyed reading through your blog and I get it. My daughter and I joke about our uncanny “luck.” Even our friends comment on it. Some of our experiences are funny and some are not but we manage to find humor and acceptance through all of it. I dub it “Victorious Defeatism.” Thank God, we have many blessings that balance things out.
    I will be back.

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