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Daily Misfortune: March 31, 2012

Today you will leave the office early for the first time in months and today will also be the first time in months that your boss comes in after hours to check if you really do work late like you claimed.



Daily Misfortune: March 30, 2012

Today you will be forgiven for a past mistake and at the same time punished for something you didn’t do.

Daily Misfortune: March 29, 2012

Today a piece of investment will suddenly appreciate exponentially in value just after you finally give up waiting and sell it at a loss.

Daily Misfortune: March 28, 2012

Today you will proudly talk about a large trophy you received for first place and the listener will produce a much larger trophy for thirtieth place in the same activity.


Daily Misfortune: March 27, 2012

Today a very long transfer you’ve been patiently waiting for on your computer will get to 99% and the computer will abruptly shut off.

Daily Misfortune: March 26, 2012

Today you will be the lucky last passenger let on the bus just before finding out you’re on the wrong bus.


Daily Misfortune: March 25, 2012

Today, to show support for your local/work sports team, you will cheer for the wrong team.


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