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Misfortune on holiday

It’s time for this undeserving fortune teller to go on a holiday.

Hope nobody stumbles on any unforeseen misfortune while their humble soothsayer is away.



Daily Misfortune: April 10, 2012

Today after getting a clean bill of health from the doctor, you will break something on your way home.

Daily Misfortune: April 9, 2012

Today, just after you approve something important in your official capacity, you will find a reason to disapprove.


Daily Misfortune: April 8, 2012

Today you will drive a long distance with the express purpose of surprising somebody. Just before you knock on their door, that somebody will call you ask why their knocks on your door weren’t answered.


Daily Misfortune: April 7, 2012

To cheer up a friend, you will cook your best meal. The friend will turn out to be allergic to all of it.

Daily Misfortune: April 6, 2012

Today you will see an example of atrocious handwriting and boldly call it so just before realizing it’s yours.


Daily Misfortune: April 5, 2012

Today you will be the one extra person in an otherwise perfectly matched set of teams.

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