Daily Misfortune: May 29, 2012

Today you will accept a very unwanted position after getting a rejection letter from a much desired one just before finding out the letter actually informed of acceptance.

  1. I know that the moral is: READ ALL JOB-RELATED CORRESPONDENCE CAREFULLY, but I still found this DEPRESSING. Of course you didn’t name your blog The Daily Pep Talk.

  2. Then you decide to take a chance and you don’t show up for the very unwanted job, but when you go and accept the more desired one, you find out there is a hiring freeze and you can’t start that job for at least six months. With no income for six months, you lose your house, your car, your wife and your mistress. You become penniless and homeless and almost commit suicide. But then another homeless person talks you out of it, only to steal you ID, clean himself up, and go and take the job based upon your ID and a note about the job you had in your wallet.

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