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Daily Misfortune: June 30, 2012

Today in an effort to demonstrate your skill with something, you will, invariably end up breaking it.


Daily Misfortune: June 29, 2012

Today you will have two things, one of them, working, the other broken. You will, indubitably, get rid of the wrong one.

Daily Misfortune: June 28, 2012

Today, after a long and tiring hunt for parking, you will find the perfect spot. But just before you rejoice, the appointment that you needed the parking for will be cancelled.

Daily Misfortune: June 27, 2012

Today you will have every piece of something you really need to make except the most important one.

Consequently, you will only manage to find the most important piece once you’ve given up and gotten rid of all the other pieces.

Daily Misfortune: June 26, 2012

Today you will throw away the receipt of something you bought just before finding out it doesn’t work.

Daily Misfortune: June 25, 2012

Today you will find all your notes just after you halfheartedly take a test you needed them for.

Daily Misfortune: June 24, 2012

Today you will enter your name into a raffle. Your name will undoubtedly be called only after you leave.

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