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Daily Misfortune: September 24, 2012

Today you will finish hand writing a long paper just before it’s due. When you attempt to write your name, however, the pen will have run out of ink.


Daily Misfortune: September 23, 2012

Today you will actually remember to make an important call. Your phone will be out of battery.

Daily Misfortune: September 22, 2012

Today you will get a new pet. It will take a liking to everybody in your household besides you.

Daily Misfortune: September 21, 2012

Today you will write an angry email to somebody you were expecting a response from. Just after you hit send, you will see the response email waiting in your inbox.

Daily Misfortune: September 20, 2012

Today you will cite a dependable source for assignment. Except it will be for the wrong assignment.

Daily Misfortune: September 19, 2012

Today you will finally get everybody to agree on a date for an event you’re hosting just before realizing you aren’t available on that day.

Daily Misfortune: September 18, 2012

Today you will think of a great idea but when you finally go to write it down, you will, invariably, forget it.

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