Daily Misfortune: September 21, 2012

Today you will write an angry email to somebody you were expecting a response from. Just after you hit send, you will see the response email waiting in your inbox.

  1. So true…this very thing happen to me

  2. Did something even WORSE on Wednesday. Composed an e-mail to the director of our entire operation about the “temp” supervisor who was directly over me. Used the temp supervisor’s name as the subject line of my e-mail. Trying to do two things at once, I accidentally included my supervisor e-address in the “CC” line.

    Fortunately, instead of badmouthing him, I was recommending that he be offered the position full-time. Still, I voiced a couple of reservations.

    If you heard a loud sound coming from Ohio that day, it was the sound of me kicking myself. With steel-toed boots.

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