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Daily Misfortune: July 31, 2013

Today, as soon as you arrive at work, freshly showered, something malodorous will lodge itself discretely somewhere in your belongings.


Daily Misfortune: July 30, 2013

Today you will spend the whole long day eagerly waiting for a package supposed to be delivered today before finally realizing you sent it to the wrong address.

Daily Misfortune: July 29, 2013

Today you will fill out an entire form before realizing it’s the wrong form.

Daily Misfortune: July 28, 2013

Today you will sit through a really long meeting on the phone but just before you can prove your presence by answering a question, your call will drop.

Daily Misfortune: July 27, 2013

Today, every positive answer you give to questions will prove to be wrong.

Daily Misfortune: July 26, 2013

Today you will sort a large stack of documents just before realizing you sorted by the wrong index.

Daily Misfortune: July 25, 2013

Today you will hand in a document signed in a hurry just before realizing the signature on the document looks nothing like yours.

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