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Daily Misfortune: August 12, 2013

Today you will do a favor for somebody. The good deed, however, will invariably be credited to somebody else.


Daily Misfortune: August 11, 2013

Today you will enter the shortest checkout line at a supermarket and exit after all other lines are done.

Daily Misfortune: August 10, 2013

Today you will really like a new show after one episode just before being told the only episode you watched is the series finale.

Daily Misfortune: August 9, 2013

Today you will type a long document and just before you save, the computer will crash.

Daily Misfortune: August 8, 2013

Today as soon as you wash your car, a flock of birds will have collective diarrhea right above it.

Daily Misfortune: August 7, 2013

Today you will measure twice and cut once only to discovered you used the wrong measurements.

Daily Misfortune: August 6, 2013

Today you will finally sign a new cell phone contract just before realizing yours is the only area that gets no service from the provider.

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