Daily Misfortune: August 8, 2013

Today as soon as you wash your car, a flock of birds will have collective diarrhea right above it.

  1. How did you know?

  2. Go figure….I have two cars, one I wash (the wife’s car) the other I don’t. It is the wife’s car that is all ways hit with this kind of bird violence. Maybe it is because shiny thing attract like fishing lures? Because the other car never gets washed and is to dirty for anyone to notice the bird droppings or so dirty that it is perfectly camouflaged from the feathered bombardier’s. My wife wants to spread grass seeds on my car, because …well you know.
    I suppose then the neighborhood dogs would at least have a new challenge on how to get to that new grass patch to poop on!
    Great post, keep them coming.

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