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Daily Misfortune: October 31, 2014

Today you will get raisins at every door you visit.


Daily Misfortune: October 30, 2014

Today you will buy a bunch of candy in anticipation of Halloween, just before realizing you’ll be traveling then.

Daily Misfortune: October 29, 2014

Today you will cheerfully hand the cashier a lucky bill you found on the ground just before seeing the bold “Play Money” sign stamped across it.

Daily Misfortune: October 28, 2014

Today you will generously give away your change to a pauper and realize you have none left to catch the bus.

Daily Misfortune: October 27, 2014

Today you will relate an exciting piece of news you heard on the radio just before finding out it’s a hoax.

Daily Misfortune: October 26, 2014

Today you will wake up just before the sunrise, before realizing it’s actually just after the sunset.

Daily Misfortune: October 25, 2014

Today every time you need to be somewhere on time, the only timepiece available then for consultation will be inaccurate.

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