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Daily Misfortune: November 30, 2014

Today in your meticulous effort to avoid making noise while sneaking out during the night, you will crash into every obstacle within and without sight.


Daily Misfortune: November 29, 2014

Today you will call in sick to work and go to the mall. Your boss will choose the same mall for his lunch.

Daily Misfortune: November 28, 2014

Today you will be very angry that nobody RSVP’d to an event you’re hosting. As you attempt to cancel it, you’ll notice that the event is scheduled for the 32nd of the month.

Daily Misfortune: November 27, 2014

Today you will make a great hullabaloo about an expensive object being stolen just before finding it in your own bag.

Daily Misfortune: November 26, 2014

Today you will wear slippers because of a torn shoe. As soon as you step out the door, one slipper will also tear.

Daily Misfortune: November 25, 2014

Today no matter where you sign, your signature will look fake.

Daily Misfortune: November 24, 2014

Today you will call a friend and ask them directions to another friends party just before being informed that the friend you called wasn’t invited to said party.

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