The Shiny New Shoe

There comes a time when every shoe must retire. It’s a difficult time for the family. Together, they’ve been through hills and valleys, through rain and shine, through muddles and puddles and cuddles and huddles.

The shoe has always been there. Every member of the family remembers when they first met him, and how difficult it was. How intractable his nature. He’d get under everybody’s skin. There was much friction in the early days. But he grew on them, and they grew to love him. They remember his untidiness. His pride in his shiny coat, and his panicky social graces. How he used to hide himself away when he got a little dirty, and how he used to come undone so easily. But they also remember how he was always there to warn them of danger. He was always holding them, encouraging them to go farther, and achieve more. He never once told them of the troubles he’d shouldered for them. Now they are writ like battle scars on his weather wizened skin.

It was difficult, but it had to be done. His warm, comfortable embrace, his mature understanding, his familiar, gentle touch, all will be gone. The memories they formed, will live on, but the calluses the etched together will fade away with age.

But somebody must take his place, they know. So will begin a new quest. A new, obstinate young upstart must rise from the crowd and challenge their nerves. And they will wearily walk on, towards this shiny new shoe.

    • ravi
    • December 12th, 2014

    Very good. Realized after this read that it was always there on my mind (and must be on everyone’s mind) but never realized.

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