Daily Misfortune: December 14, 2014

Today you will pick the only flower with an angry bee in it.


Daily Misfortune: December 13, 2014

Today you will arrive late for a delayed flight just before realizing it wasn’t your flight that was delayed.

Daily Misfortune: December 12, 2014

Today there will be a leak in the roof at the exact spot your face would be on your bed.

The Shiny New Shoe

There comes a time when every shoe must retire. It’s a difficult time for the family. Together, they’ve been through hills and valleys, through rain and shine, through muddles and puddles and cuddles and huddles. Continue reading

Daily Misfortune: December 10, 2014

Today you will fix a minor problem with your car all on your own only to be told of the more serious problem you created by doing so.

Daily Misfortune: December 9, 2014

Today you will teach a complicated new game to a young child only for them to beat you on their first try.

Daily Misfortune: December 8, 2014

Today you will successfully avoid spilling something on yourself by spilling all of it on your boss instead.

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