Daily Misfortune: December 7, 2014

Today you will swat an insect just before realizing you used an important document as the swatter.


Daily Misfortune: December 6, 2014

Today you will pay for gas/petrol just before realizing you paid for the wrong pump.

Daily Misfortune: December 5, 2014

Today you will drive a sizable distance to surprise a friend. The friend will have invariably sought to do the same for you.

Daily Misfortune: December 4, 2014

Today you will joke about somebody to a friend at a party just before finding out that the friend is, in fact, the said somebody.

Daily Misfortune: December 3, 2014

Today you will finally attempt to present your thoughtful gift to a friend just before noticing that the recently unwrapped gift in their hands is exactly identical to the one you hold, wrapped, in yours.

Daily Misfortune: December 2, 2014

Today you will go to a store specifically to buy your Christmas gifts early, only to be told everything on your list is not yet in stock.

Daily Misfortune: December 1, 2014

Today’s newspaper will feature a man on the lam who will look uncomfortably like you.

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