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Daily Misfortune: December 17, 2014

Today, you will realize your watch stopped yesterday at the exact comfortable margin you needed for an interview today.


Daily Misfortune: October 21, 2014

Today you will be asked to answer, in front of an audience, the same unanswered question you asked somebody privately.

Daily Misfortune: July 16, 2013

Today you will spend a large slice of time matching schedules and confirming a meeting with long lost friends just before realizing you’ll be out of town at the time of the rendezvous.

Daily Misfortune: July 14, 2012

Today you will hastily try to decide between two greetings when meeting somebody new. You will invariably blurt out the only embarrassing combination of the two.

Daily Misfortune: February 10, 2012

Today you will doze off in a meeting just before it’s adjourned.

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