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Daily Misfortune: December 21, 2014

Today, after a day of shopping, you will donate the wrong bag of clothing.


Daily Misfortune: December 2, 2014

Today you will go to a store specifically to buy your Christmas gifts early, only to be told everything on your list is not yet in stock.

Daily Misfortune: November 29, 2014

Today you will call in sick to work and go to the mall. Your boss will choose the same mall for his lunch.

Daily Misfortune: November 19, 2014

Today you will pick the best looking fruit at the market and invariably find out it’s spoiled when you get home.

Daily Misfortune: November 5, 2014

Today you will buy all your groceries just before realizing you’re gone for the next few weeks.

Daily Misfortune: November 1, 2014

Today you will find your favorite shoe in the store, which will be available in every size except yours.

Daily Misfortune: October 29, 2014

Today you will cheerfully hand the cashier a lucky bill you found on the ground just before seeing the bold “Play Money” sign stamped across it.

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