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Daily Misfortune: December 17, 2014

Today, you will realize your watch stopped yesterday at the exact comfortable margin you needed for an interview today.


Daily Misfortune: November 4, 2014

Today you will walk in 15 minutes early to an interview just before realizing you have the date wrong.

Daily Misfortune: October 25, 2014

Today every time you need to be somewhere on time, the only timepiece available then for consultation will be inaccurate.

Daily Misfortune: October 22, 2014

Today will be the one day you need to get to work on time and also the day your reliable garage door will get stuck.

Daily Misfortune: October 17, 2014

Today you will attempt to check the time on your wristwatch just before realizing you’re holding a glass of water in the same hand.

Daily Misfortune: July 17, 2013

You will be confused by your fortune day after tomorrow.

Daily Misfortune: July 16, 2013

Today you will spend a large slice of time matching schedules and confirming a meeting with long lost friends just before realizing you’ll be out of town at the time of the rendezvous.

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